SEO is more than metadata!


The days of stuffing your page or loading the header of your website with keywords is officially over. Google is smart enough to know if you are playing by the rules or trying to cheat the search engines. 

You need long-tail keywords that match how your customers search online. It's more about matching your website to natural language search words so your customers find you more often. You need things like, heading tags, image alt text, semantic markup, site maps and great content. 

It is easy to get carried away in writing articles that please the search engines, but don't make any sense for a person when reading it. Goole knows whether you are writing for a person (human) or a search engine (machine). The goal is to write content that pleases the search engines but attracts, educates and engages your customers so they keep coming back. 

WE take a human approach first!


We focus on generating high-quality content that pleases people first and the search engines second. The more you focus on pleasing people online the more the search bots will reward you and send people your way! 

We take the time by learning who your customers are by starting with a buyer persona. Then we look at what are the challenges, goals and pain points they are searching for and match your content to their needs. This is where search engine love rewards you with prospects to you!

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