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traditional marketing just isn't working like it used to!

You probably have realized that traditional marketing isn't working like it used to. It now takes 3-5 times for your traditional marketing to affect that general audience before they react. Radio, Billboard, Newspapers, Television, Magazine Ads are all expensive and challenging to track the effectiveness to determine ROI. 

So you probably have heard of PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising and figured that dabbling in this will get you some quick sales. It seems easy. You pay money, set your bid rate and run the ad. Viola! You instantly on the top of Google! It doesn't quite work like that. 


Don't guess at it! Make data-backed decisions before you run your ads!

You need the data to make the right choices in what phrases you are going to target. Guessing at it just wastes precious marketing dollars. Applying inbound marketing principles to your PPC will yield greater results. 

Key things we look at: 

  1. Who are you targeting? We create a buyer persona so we know who is the right person to target. 
  2. We research the keywords to know what natural search language they are actually using. 
  3. We write content that is designed to get their attention and appeal to their needs and wants. 
  4. We design visual ads that grab your customers attention. 
  5. We tie it all together by designing a landing page on your site to funnel them through the buyers journey. 

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