About Fred

I love working with small business owners. For 18+ years I have worked with hundreds of small business owners as a marketing, graphic design, and web design consultant.

It's an adventure to get to know each client, what they are passionate about, what their goals are, and why do they do what they love. Each customer is unique and I look forward to learning about each business. That is one of the things that makes what I do so interesting and fun! I am always learning.


What is your goal?

Everything starts with a goal in business. Where do you want to be in? What is your mission? and how do you get there in business today? These are just some of the strategy questions I love diving into with customers. Everyone needs goals in life!

It's all about the people

There is so much technology in the world today that disconnects us from each other, but nothing can truly replace the person to person relationship building process. That is why we meet every single customer we work with. We want to make sure it is a good fit for us and the customer.

Keeping it simple

We eat, sleep and breathe technology. That is why we strive to keep things simple and understandable for every client. We take the time to create tutorials or spend time educating our customers about marketing, web design, and IT technologies to make their businesses run better.

My Philosophy

As a small business owner, I strive to complete every project to the best of my ability with honesty and integrity in mind. My philosophy has always been "under promise and over deliver" in everything. I work hard to provide good honest services at fair prices that small businesses can afford to grow their exposure to customers and grow their businesses.

Career Background

  • 2001 - Retail store manager for furniture chain
  • 2004 - Marketing Manager Retail Stores
  • 2005 - Newspaper Advertising Representative
  • 2006 - Founded my first company
  • 2008 - National Newspaper Advertising Rep
  • 2009 - Went full time with my first company
  • 2012 - Founded a second company - New Destiny Media
  • 2013 - Became a Hubspot Partner for Inbound Marketing
  • 2015 - Added IT Support Services
  • 2018 - Added Network Cabling Services
  • 2019 - Added Dedicated Managed WordPress Hosting
  • 2020 - Audio / Video Network Solutions (Sister Company)